The building has been primarily orientated due to the site constraints. However to maximize the exchange of natural resources the roof pitch has been set at 30 degrees to provide the opportunity for sustainable energy technologies. A south facing window and door set has been positioned to maximize southerly sunlight and to be used to naturally ventilate the building in the warmer months.

The Building

Community Entrance Foyer

Secure area to provide controlled building access.

Office/ Reception

This space must be directly linked and be easily accessible from the entrance. It must have good visual links to the entrance, circulation routes and overall building to aid in the security of the building and its occupants.

Meeting room - 10 sq m

This room will be used by the buildings occupants to host general meetings. This space could be rented out for public use.

Toilet Provision - 23 sq m

Suitable provision has be made for male, female and disabled toilets.

Flexible Space - 100 sq m

This space will provide an area for formal activities such as table tennis and or pool. This space could be linked to the lounge area but should have a distinct area for its activities. It is also proposed to host band nights and other entertainments.

Lounge Area - 50 sq m

This space will enable a coffee bar area with facilities to prepare cold food and hot drinks. The lounge area should be connected or provide good sight lines back to the main space for security. This place should be designed primarily as a place for relaxation.

Youth Centre Office - 17 sq m

This space should provide adequate storage and work space with a high quality of natural light and ventilation.

Tea Point and Servery - 28 sq m

A modest but functional kitchen serves the building. This will act as a bar area for music nights and other social functions.


A well-considered landscaping strategy will enable spaces to be created directly from the internal functions to create outdoor rooms.

Plant room

This plant room should be carefully considered for the size of the building. A general space allowance for future proofing for the building will be incorporated.

Store - 15 sq m

An area should be considered for a large functional store

Feature Storage Wall

A well-considered landscaping strategy will enable spaces to be created directly from the internal functions to create outdoor rooms.

Bicycle and Buggy Parking

The centre will have adequate provision for nearby car parking facilities(Myrtle Lane), bike parking and disabled bays.

Bin Stores

The external bin stores should be housed in a secure location and should be designed to prevent vandalism and arson. Recycling bins and general waste requirements will be incorporated.

Landscaping strategy

Habitat Area

As we are building a new youth centre, and associated hard landscaping, we are removing current shrub land. It is important that we improve the value of this land by creating a valuable well-executed landscaping strategy. In order to improve the quality of the land we have carefully considered the landscaping to improve the quality of the building’s setting and to provide both an attractive and stimulating landscaping scheme.

As part of the strategy we want to improve the bio-diversity of the site. The integration of different planting types will increase the wealth of insects, birds and animals. The fruit and raised planters will also form an integral part of providing a garden-to-pot scheme. This will form part of the diverse youth centre programmes.


A woodland mix hedgerow will be planted on the site, to soften the boundary edges of the plot.

Lowland Grassland and Wildflower Mix

A woodland mix hedgerow will be planted on the site, to soften the boundary edges of the plot.

Fruit and Herb Rasied Planters

Herb and fruit plants will be planted. It is envisaged that there is an opportunity to create a grown- to- plate strategy in the centre. The centre will run a cooking classes, and site grown herbs and fruit will assist in the concept of healthy cooking.

Raised Planters

Raised planters will be used for the herb and fruit growing. The raised planters form part of the inclusive design allowing disabled access to planting and growing plants.

Bird Boxes

To increase the site’s biodiversity a number of bird boxes will be included within the landscape strategy.

Bee Hive’s

Bee boxes will assist in helping to maintain the wild flower mix. It forms an important part of the biodiversity for the area.

Prunus Cherry Trees

New architectural trees within the wildflower and grassland mix will provide extra height and visual interest.

Permeable Paving

Permeable paving and free draining landscaping will be used to reduce pressure on local surface water drainage. Where practically possible all hard landscaping will be of sustainable urban drainage design.

Habitat Area and Sports Trail

The land shown to the south of the EYE site will be retained as habitat land, but there is a possibility that the Local Authorities (WSCC/ HDC) may wish to use some of this area for alternative purposes at some time in the future.

As part of the overall strategy of engaging young people (and other users) in connecting with the outdoors and to further a healthier lifestyle, a sports trail interlinked with the building and landscape will promote a healthier lifestyle. The proposal is to create a sports trail with outdoor gym equipment. This will create a trail within the existing landscape which connects the building to the Natts Lane path and will work within the existing landscape. This area will also incorporate the biodiversity previously mentioned.

This we hope will be a valuable addition to the centre to increase interest in healthy activities.

Rustic Equipment

Rustic equipment could be an excellent addition to the existing context of the site.

Commercial Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor commercial equipment allows for all ages and abilities to use the equipment.

The internal layout and arrangement has informed the exterior window and opening position. As a youth centre it is critical that the youth have freedom and privacy to use the building. However it is also important to ensure that the centre youth managers have direct and indirect views throughout the whole centre for the safety of all the buildings users. The open plan arrangement of the building allows for all the spaces of the youth centre to be seen from the main office.

The location of the main office allows the centre managers to have direct and indirect views through the whole building and over the main entrance to the building.


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